Create and share your digital business credential

No matter the size of your business. Create a customized online contact, share it and facilitate your professional relationships.

Digitalise your contact details

Take control and generate a single source of trust. With Knowee, your team's online credentials will communicate exactly what you want to tell, no matter the size of your business.

Use your brand image

Knowee provides the option of using your own branding elements in your digital card. Make your team show your brand image, customize your contact data with the desings of your own choice and create confidence when sharing you card.

Keep your business connected

Sharing your contact has never been easier. Modify your card instantly, send, show or deliver your digital credential and customise your email signatures. Your data will always be ready for new business opportunities.

An individual credential for your business totally free

A new way to enhance the value of your business in every interaction.

The process is very easy, we just need the data you want to share. In 5 minutes your digital credential will be available for you to start growing your business.

Create credential for my business

A large team?

For large teams, even corporations, Knowee makes it easy to manage your organisation's credentials.

Our technology allows you to work in batches, digitalise business cards using OCR, integrate with CRMs or access management.

Plans for teams

A sustainable solution

We help large corporations reduce their carbon footprint by digitalising their business cards and making their contacts more efficient.

How much CO2 do you save to the atmosphere with a digital credential?

With our "Eco-Calculator" you can instantly know the environmental benefit you contribute with your credentials.

Access to the eco-calculator

Your data, at Knowee, always protected

We strictly comply with all current data protection regulations so that you don't have to worry about anything.

Your data, as well as your contacts' data, is safe and secure, and you decide when and how it is shared. Now and forever.

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