Reduce your carbon footprint

Completely paperless business cards.

Save costs and make yourself and your company more sustainable

A new way of Corporate Communication and CRM

Create a completely new channel to inform your clients and providers about campaigns, promotions, call to actions, events.

Update these messages and look and feel in real-time, effortlessly from a full-featured dashboard

Make your email signature a powerful sales tool

All the power of the Digital Transformation

Be an example of what transforming a company means.

Make business cards meaningful, friendly and useful


Reduce your carbon footprint

A new way of Corporate Communication and CRM

All the power of the Digital Transformation


Already reducing carbon footprint with Knowee:

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"Virtual cards with real advantages.
You never run out of them, they're always at hand.
They send the look & feel and the message you want to share at anytime and turn into a contact with just a click.
Digital transformation, innovation, convenience, paperless."

Do you want to see your card and use it for free for 1 year?


Your Personal Brand Cards

Upload the image of your card or design a new one. Fill your data and start sharing your cards.

Never forget your cards again

Always with you, wherever you are. You can even create new cards on the go

Share your cards easily, safely and with style

You choose: text, email, Whatsapp, Facebook, Linked In, Skype, etc. Make your email signature link to your card

Easy for others!

They will find your card, no matter where they stored your paper card...and will be able to create your contact with just one click
They will be grateful.

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