KNOWEE CARDS, S.L. (hereafter, KNOWEE) provides users with a service that allows them to have their own personal and/or business cards available at KNOWEE’s website and to share it with others in different ways.

KNOWEE’s users may share their cards with others by the following means:

  1. A Knowee code sent to a third party (11-character alphanumeric code including special symbols, capital and lowercase letters and numbers). This code identifies the card.
  2. A QR code linked to the user’s card.
  3. A physical card with a printed Knowee or QR code. Once in possession of the card, the third party just has to upload it to Knowee’s web site and our system will automatically find the business or personal card, no additional data are required.

Users are also able to share their cards through sending them to the desired contacts, providing that personal data included in the card comply with current regulations on personal data protection.

Besides providing this quick and simple means for sharing contact cards with personal friends and business acquaintances, KNOWEE offers as well the so called “Meeting Point” service. The service is based on a virtual assistant called “ Steward” ( When the user decides to create an event ˗using Outlook, Gmail, notes and others˗ inviting whoever he or she wants to attend the event, she also has the option of using Knowee’s virtual assistant. Steward will know who has been invited and will offer each one of the potential attendant their own card list so that they are able to share them with other potential event attendants.

If you do not desire to share your card with others attendants, you simply delete the message sent by Steward offering you your card list.

According to the specifications of the Spanish Data Protection General Law, users who facilitate personal information through Knowee’s website are hereby informed and allow KNOWEE CARDS, S.L., Fiscal Identification Code (CIF): B-86815172, and corporate headquarters in Madrid, Avda. de Fuencarral, 44; Ed 3, L 19, 28108 Alcobendas, Madrid, to handle their personal information.

Users’ personal information will be used by Knowee to register them in Knowee’s system for the above stated specific objectives. Personal information will be handled based on the clauses of the service provision contract and according to the terms and conditions specified herewith in this Policy and the terms and conditions stated in the General Contractual Terms and Conditions included in Knowee’s website. Users must provide their personal information for Knowee to be able to provide its services, otherwise our contract with the user would be impossible to fulfill.

Your information will also be used to send you marketing communications, provided you have ticked the corresponding box accepting Knowee’s marketing information. This particular box is placed at the bottom of the registration form in our website.

Based on your personal information, we will develop your user profile in order to offer you customized products and services according to you particular interests. The legal basis for the processing of your personal data is your own consent and authorization. The authorization is optional, you may give it or not, as you wish. If you do not grant your authorization the only consequence will be that you will not receive any offers for our products and services. We also remind you that you have every right to oppose the processing and treatment of your personal information through any of the means specified herein.

Data required to manage the relationship with our customers, more specifically the information needed for invoicing and taking payment for our services, will be kept for the whole duration of the service contract. Once the commercial relationship is ended or expires, your personal information will be kept during the period determined by Spanish law and until all eventual responsibilities derived from the contract are extinguished. Nevertheless, the information necessary to send users marketing communications about our products and services will be indefinitely kept in our database until the user specifically demands the complete deletion of his personal information.

Personal information will be shared with the relevant government bodies, in all instances determined by current laws and regulations and for the specific goals defined by them. It will also be shared with the corresponding financial institutions to handle payments, and with INTSIG, the provider of card scan services (through the CamCard software).

As a user of our services, you have the right to access your personal information, to modify it or delete it. You also have the right to limit the processing of your data, to fully oppose it and to forbid their portability, provided you send us a written and signed request including the following information: your full name and postal address, a photocopy of your identity card or passport and the specific terms of your request. The request should be forwarded to our noted postal or digital address (e-mail address). If your confidentiality rights were to be breached, you can always submit a claim to the Spanish Data Protection Agency.  

Additionally, Knowee informs you that the company will publish advertising material about its services through its social media accounts. Users accept to receive such information, if and when they become a “friend” or “follower” of KNOWEE CARDS in social media. If you do not wish to receive this type of information, you should not follow Knowee through any social media.

If personal information from a third party were to be provided, the provider of such information is the sole responsible for requesting the consent of the third party to share his or her personal data with Knowee, so that we are able to handle the data from the said third party. The user providing the third party personal data has the obligation to inform him or her about the contents of article 113 of the Spanish General Rules for Data Protection.

The user is responsible for the veracity of the information provided through our website. He or she is accountable for all information submitted and must keep personal data updated at all times to reflect the user’s real situation.

Users are also responsible for any fake or inaccurate information provided and for any damages this may cause to KNOWEE or any third party involved.

KNOWEE guarantees the safety and confidentiality of all personal data stored. To this end, we have implemented the corresponding technical and organizational measures to avoid data alteration and loss, and to prevent non-authorized access, processing or treatment.