This website belongs to KNOWEE CARDS SL (hereinafter KNOWEE), a Spanish company established in Alcobendas (Madrid), Av de Fuencarral 44, building 3, loft 19 and CIF B-86815172. Entered in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid on November 4th 2013, Page 57, General Volume 31.608, Entry 1 of the Sheet M-568,795. Its aim is, among others, the provision of information services via the Internet and mobile devices. You can contact KNOWEE CARDS at


To be a KNOWEE user, hereinafter the USER, and to use KNOWEE’s applications, platforms, services and any information contained therein it is necessary to fully accept the content of these Terms and Conditions, which implies that the user is legally obliged to respect all its Annexes, with all the rights and duties that the law gives him, in relation to the content and execution of the services provided by KNOWEE.
The General Conditions are accepted by checking the appropriate box when registering as a USER, or simply by browsing this website.
KNOWEE recommends reading these Terms carefully before becoming a USER. If the user does not accept these Terms and Conditions, you should not register at KNOWEE nor use the services offered. Due to the characteristics of the services provided by KNOWEE, the registered user will always be responsible for compliance with these Terms and Conditions, regardless of whether the USER belongs to any (registered in KNOWEE or not) company or organization.


  1. Accept and comply with these Terms and Conditions.
  2. To be at least 14 years old according to the Spanish regulations. In other countries this minimum age may vary. Under any circumstances those under 13 years old can become USERS.
  3. Always provide true information.
  4. Manage passwords responsibly.
  5. No trading, selling or transferring your USER condition.
  6. No transfer to third parties, in any case, the right of non-exclusive license for the use of KNOWEE services.
  7. Assume responsibility for the safety of the status of USER.


  1. Compliance of the law at all times.
  2. Observe, at all times, a fair, responsible and ethical conduct.
  3. Review and comply with the requirements of the service provided by KNOWEE.
  4. Provide true, accurate and up-to-date information.
  5. Refrain from publishing inaccurate or inappropriate content.
  6. Do not create false identities and store passwords with care.
  7. Refrain from including any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising.
  8. Avoid computer viruses and the use of any software that may decrease the correct performance of KNOWEE and other users.
  9. Refrain from selling, in any manner, the information and content contained on KNOWEE.
  10. Refrain from obstructing any form of advertising used by KNOWEE.
  11. Refrain from using automated programs to access information available on KNOWEE.
  12. Refrain to remove, ignore or jeopardize the safety components included in the KNOWEE website.
  13. Refrain from altering in any way the proper functioning of the service.
  14. Observe, at all times, a consistent approach with the object of the service provided by KNOWEE and with the rest of the USERS.


  1. KNOWEE will provide the core service, giving the USER a nonexclusive right, which cannot be lend to third parties in any way to access through a browser, mobile device or application authorized by KNOWEE to obtain information and use KNOWEE services.
  2. KNOWEE will constantly try to improve and update its services, adapting them as far as possible to the state of the art. Being aware that technology is constantly evolving, the level of development is the best possible at every time.
  3. Notify the USER about any changes or modifications and the time of update, as long as it is considered relevant for the proper management and operation of its services. KNOWEE is not required to keep or provide copies of any content provided by the user.
  4. Exercise due diligence in preserving the information and data provided.


  1. Property of the information provided. The USER is the sole owner of the information provided to KNOWEE and may request its deletion at any time. It is noted in the section on Data Protection below, but it is noticed that when a user requests the removal of all or part of his/her information, such removal will be executed over its own data, but information already shared with other USERS and that they have known, copied or stored will not be deleted.
  2. Licensing in favor of KNOWEE. By the act of acquiring the status of USER, the USER gives KNOWEE a license to use the intellectual property rights associated with the content provided by the user, under the frame of the provision of services by KNOWEE. This license gives KNOWEE a right as broad as permitted by law, free and with the possibility of being assigned or sublicensed to reproduce, represent, adapt, translate, scan, copy, store, distribute, publish, analyze and market by any means, information provided to KNOWEE, without any further consent, notice or compensation. The user expressly authorizes KNOWEE to treat any information to respect the graphic identity services KNOWEE or make them compatible with its technical performance or media formats. This license is worldwide.
  3. USER profile. Property. With the data of the USER, which are made available to KNOWEE for the provision of services, a profile is generated and owned by KNOWEE. Therefore, the USER grants KNOWEE a license over these data.
  4. Veracity and legitimacy to transmit information by the USER. The user is solely responsible for the information provided to KNOWEE, and is the sole responsible, towards KNOWEE and third parties, that he or she is legally able to provide this information; that the information is accurate; that it is not confidential; that is not subject to any legal or contractual restrictions and that it will not infringe rights of third parties.
  5. Announcement policy. The USER agrees to be notified about messages relating to services, both on the website, mobile applications and e-mail. At any time, KNOWEE may post a notice on its website to notify alterations without accepting any responsibility for non-receipt by the USER.
  6. Sharing information. From the moment that the user provides information to KNOWEE, creating a user profile, this will be shared by others who have their corresponding code ( code :) that may see, copy, use or share it. Therefore, the USER assumes that this information will not be completely confidential and private anymore. KNOWEE has no obligation of confidentiality on the information provided by the user and has the right to use it.


The USER acknowledges that KNOWEE can use, store and share the information provided in accordance with the terms of these General Conditions.
In any case, KNOWEE, acting in good faith, and certainly provided that there is a legal requirement, has the right to access, preserve, and disclose the data of users to: serve a court warrant, under the General Conditions; for the smooth operation of customer service and in defense of the rights of KNOWEE.


  1. The USER, to acquire such status and once accepted the General Conditions, provides KNOWEE the following information:
    • Name
    • Contact numbers
    • Mailing Address
    • E-mail
    • Professional profile
    • Photography
    • Password
    • Any other lawful information the USER may want to enter
  2. With all of the above information and any other additional data (if desired) KNOWEE sets up the USER profile.
  3. The USER can update, delete or provide additional information at any time.
  4. The Customer Care Service is provided to the USER by email.
  5. Interconnection with other websites. Among the services offered by KNOWEE, links to other websites as well as social networks or areas of interest can be offered, declining KNOWEE any responsibility regarding the operation or content of these external web sites. Regarding social networks, each of them will have their own terms of use and internal regulations, being the USER responsible to know and accept them from the moment of registration.
  6. The KNOWEE website uses cookies and similar features to enhance the experience of the user and adapt the web surfing experience to their habits. When browsing through the KNOWEE website the USER is accepting the use of cookies, authorizing KNOWEE to update its policy and practice at any time in order to improve its performance. The most popular browsers have settings and security features that allow the user to avoid the installation of cookies and / or other data collection systems on the navigation device. The USER can set the browser to reject cookies but this may prevent certain features or hinder access to certain content on our website.
  7. KNOWEE may use cookies to display relevant advertising to the USER.
  8. KNOWEE will collect and store information regarding IP and USER devices and activity in the KNOWEE website in order to comply with applicable law and to improve the service.


KNOWEE is committed to treat USER’s personal data in accordance to the purpose of the services provided as stated in these Terms and Conditions and always in compliance with Law 15/1999 of 13 December about Data Protection Act ("LOPD") and its implementing regulations. See Privacy Policy.


All services provided by KNOWEE, including logos, trademarks, graphics, procedures, records, patents, state of the art, manuals and all its contents are property of KNOWEE and, under any circumstances the status of USER implies any right over KNOWEE’s intellectual property.


KNOWEE has developed the service that is provided to the USER, as described in these Terms and Conditions, for the specific purpose of it, but will never control or examine the content provided by the USERS, nor will check its veracity, so KNOWEE will not assume any responsibility for the truthfulness, accuracy and good use of them.
If not satisfied with the service the USER must cancel the membership communicating it to KNOWEE.
This service cancellation is the only responsibility accepted by KNOWEE in its relations with the USERS.
KNOWEE is not responsible, nor makes any warranty for the following:

  • data supplied
  • delivery of messages
  • use of services provided
  • infringement of third party rights arising from the use of USERS’ data.


KNOWEE or the USER may cancel their relationship, extinguishing any linkage and content of these Terms and Conditions at any time.
This cancellation does not affect the legal commitments that the user has acquired when registering in the KNOWEE services during the period of time stipulated by law.
Cancellation does not need to be justified. KNOWEE will automatically cancel any USER account when the obligations and requirements to hold it are breached.
KNOWEE reserves the right to exercise the legal actions that may correspond.
The cancellation will follow the notification procedure stated in these Terms and Conditions regardless of whether it is KNOWEE or the USER who cancels the relationship. In the latter case, the USER can also notify KNOWEE via certified mail.
The cancellation will take effect from the moment it is properly notified, and once executed the USER will no longer have access to the services provided by KNOWEE.


These Terms and every set of relationships for the provision of services between KNOWEE and the USER are subject to the Spanish law and the jurisdiction of the ordinary courts in Spain.


The General Conditions are written in Spanish and English. In case of discrepancy between the two versions, the Spanish version will prevail.


A contact form contained in the KNOWEE website will be the default channel of communication or via email at Besides, KNOWEE is entitled to notify any changes by publishing notes on a clearly visible place on its website The user can also submit notices by certified mail to the address KNOWEE : Avda. Fuencarral 44, Ed 3 L19, 28108, Alcobendas (Madrid), Spain.


The services provided by KNOWEE to the USER based on registration and acceptance of the General Conditions become a unit together with all other linked documents that appear on the KNOWEE website and affect that relationship; as well as all updates, modifications and notifications submitted by any of the supported means.


KNOWEE has the right to update, add, modify, delete or replace the terms of these Terms and Conditions. Any of the above changes will come into force upon its publication in the KNOWEE website although they may also be reported in any of the ways allowed by these Terms and Conditions.
If the user does not explicitly report disagreement, it is understood that are fully accepted. In the case of non-acceptance, the USER may terminate this service and the General Conditions in the terms included in the Cancellation section of these General Conditions.


KNOWEE reserves the right to transfer or subcontract without notice the service provided to the USER in whole or in part. Also KNOWEE can transfer all or part to any third party provided they assume their rights and obligations towards the USERS, under the terms established by the law.